Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My Resume (current status: active)

Java Developer,
Oracle Test Engineer

Having 6+ years of working experience in Software Development including 2 year of Java Developing and 1 year of Oracle tests implementation and bug reporting. 
Skills in Java, PL/SQL.
Developing an intuitive UI, on demand data loading.
Extensive SQL testing skills in Oracle DB.
Expertise in Oracle 8i/9i, PL/SQL technologies.
SQL code analysis and business logic review. SQL optimizing. Oracle cursors, packages, stored procedures. Functional, non-functional, performance testing.
Oracle SQL Developer, Sqlplus, JIRA, Ant, CVS, SVN, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe
Goal-oriented, excellent team player, helpful.

Personal Data
Place of birth: Budapest
Nationality: Ukrainian
Marital status: Single
Address: Singapore, Phone:+65-9870-9380 available to 23.11.2007, vadym.vikulin@gmail.com
1997-2002 National Taras Shevchenko University of Kiev.
  • Master Degree.
Job Experience
2002-2004 Elementary School, Supply Teacher.
  • Planned and implemented lessons of Information Science and Physics. Supplied and improved Local Network of class room. Developed education software. Installed Intranet for the study of PHP, HTML, Java Script. Deployed Windows 2000 domain server.
2005-2007 United Thinkers, Network and System Engineer.
Outsource company that provide services and develop business software. Our clients had more than 100 000 members in fitness clubs.
  • Most important responsibility was design and support of project management application in JIRA system. Designed a software development schema for a work-flow. Developed reports for reporting and monitoring issues state. Developed builds and automatic tests in last project. Run tests, using Ant and Bamboo server. Developed Ant's scripts for testing tools that based on JUnit and Selenium. Have got results for reviewing and scheduling tests. Have had skills for getting project coverage reports via Clover. Analysed exception's list into tests results. Implemented batch files for manually running. This project is successfully and team has a good chance to have a deal with a big financial company. Installed and supported new servers.
  • Managed and integrated: Internet and Intranet services such as: web, ftp, DNS, Terminal, servers; backups for saving data bases, UML source codes. Supported remote users for access to services. Used RRAS for direct connection and secure WAN. Installed LAN, routers, switches.

Computer & Technical Skills
1. Administration Windows 2000(2003) server, Active Directory, FreeBSD 6.0, Microtic Router.
2. Ftp, MySQL 5.0, MSSQL 2005, JBoss 4.0.5 application server (+portal).
3. Routers/switches and other devices.
4. Different firewalls, RRAS, DNS, PPPoE, VPN, VOIP, SMTP
5. Antivirus software.
Special Software & Development Skills
1. Strong knowledge of JIRA (+plugins), Bamboo-CI Server, Clover, MS Project, Ant, CVS, Eclipse, MySQL, HTML,
2. General development J2SE, XML, PHP.
Interests & Activities
1. My research interests: Artificial Intelligence, Neuronal Networks.
2. I like Latin dances.
References are available upon request
References person: Sergey Hrystych (Sr. Developer), phone: +380-44-332-11-98

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